I just crush a lot.

    Sis, if I could describe my dating life in middle school it would look something like an Oprah show. "You get to date me, You get to date me, You get to date me, YOU ALL GET TO DATE ME!!" Instead of handing out free cars, I gladly passed my heart around.  When … Continue reading I just crush a lot.

I’ll be.

  Sis, I found out relationships were tough at a young age. A very young age. Dear future daughter, chill. It's gonna be Jesus and you forever. Pondering on the next relationship, God led me straight to Steve. You see Matt was good, but he was just a boy. Steve was a man. Sis, I … Continue reading I’ll be.

I love love.

Sis. I'm a sucker for romance movies. One thing I learned about me in my single season is I love love. Like all I wanted was someone to love. For why? When talking to the Father, I'm like Lord you know I've been in quite a few relationships( I'm being modest) where do I begin?? … Continue reading I love love.