This is for you sis…

To the girl who feels not needed. To the girl who feels unqualified. To the girl who feels outside “the clique.” To the girl who doesn’t feel enough. To the girl who gives her power to ones who make her feel 2 feet tall. To the girl who notices she isn’t wanted. To the girl who struggles being who she is. To the girl who isn’t liked by many because she stands for righteousness. To the girl who is a people pleaser. To the girl who pushed her gifts down to appease those around her. To the girl who just doesn’t quite fit in because God didn’t create her to. To the girl who battles with that sentence altogether. To girl who cares when people don’t like her. To the girl who is having a hard time facing rejection…this is for you sis.

Rejection has been the biggest Goliath in my life and it started as a young girl. Summer camp when I was 8 was probably where it all started. I was the only girl with dark brown hair and I remember being in the water and wanting to go on this water slide and this girl STARING AT ME like “what do you think you’re doing here?” I immediately felt this feeling of being unwanted. I knew what that stare meant. Even at a young age, I knew rejection. Isn’t that crazy? *side note* Love children please. Love children. Make them feel wanted. Children feel rejection whether we want to acknowledge it or not. I climbed out of the water, dried off and immediately ran to the pay phone. I called my mom and dad. I cried and said “I was ready to go home. No one likes me. I want to be with yall.” My mom asked me what happened and I told her. I told her this wasn’t the first time. That I didn’t like this church, because the kids looked different than me and they were mean to me. My dad overheard my cry and jumped on the phone. He said this very thing, “Brittany, you’re beautiful. You’ve always been beautiful and she stared at you because couldn’t believe how beautiful you were. Wipe your tears, go back out there and give her a reason to stare.” I did just that, because let’s be honest my parents weren’t driving up there to pick me up. That was the same summer camp I accepted Christ into my life. The man said, “God loves you for you. He died for you. He wants you. You’re not alone…Raise your hands if you want him. If you want him to come into your heart. ” At 8 years old, I raised both hands and wept. At 8, I knew I wanted someone to take this hurt from me. I wanted someone to go to the place where people had chipped at, even at a young age. I wanted to feel wanted.

Through the years, I have felt and experienced those same stares. I have experienced people overlooking me. I have experienced people going out of their way to avoid me. I have experienced rejection again. This time I’m not 8 anymore, but those moments bring me to that 8 year old girl on the water slide. So much so that I’m calling my mom and asking what about me isn’t enough? I’m 30 now and what I found is Holy Spirit will allow things to happen to you to help you become sensitive to the very thing that you need freedom from.

Here I am…standing in front of my Goliath and for the first time I can’t even remember what my weapons are because I’ve allowed the enemy to come in. I’ve held myself hostage to rejection. I have forgotten the word of God. I’ve allowed the enemy to make me think I am not enough.

Rejection is a real thing. I’m exposing myself, because I want freedom. That image of that girl on the slide has stuck with me all these years and quite frankly I’m ready to move on and allow God to heal me. The enemy knows all that’s on the inside of you and wants nothing more than to push you into a corner to let you know you’re a nobody, but THE ENEMY IS A LIE.

Decide today to fight with the Word of God. Fight for your freedom. You’ll still get the stares. You’ll still get avoided. You’ll still get the lack of support. You’ll still be the only one not invited. You’ll still be overlooked. You’ll still be the only one that won’t get a hello, BUT THIS TIME YOU’RE READY.

David asked his family who is this philistine that thinks he can come and threaten my tribe. You may have armour, you may have height, you may have won a million battles before this one, but the king stands with me and quite frankly baby that’s all I need.

Sis, walk into the room with a smile. Walk boldly. Fire the sling shot at the enemy and let him know those feelings of rejection have to fall. Just as Goliath did, every spirit of fear, rejection, inadequacy…have to fall. Why? Because you’re no longer allowing that spirit to hold you hostage. You’re no longer going to let the enemy toy with your mind. Be who you are and be proud. Understand that we all need work, but choose to forgive and move forward. Continue to work on you and allow God to make your enemies at peace with you.

I stand with you always and you’re not alone in this fight. Everything you are was beautifully created by God and no devil in hell is able to take that from you, unless you hand it over. NAH, not today devil.

You are loved by God. You are chosen. You are royalty. You are enough. There are more for you than are against you. Don’t forget whose you are baby girl. He’s the lifter of your head. Wipe your tears, stand tall, He’s proud of you.


His Beloved

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