Jonathan God Brittany-How We Keep God in the Center of Our Marriage.

Let me start off by saying God cannot be at the center of a marriage, where He is not at the center of your heart. He cannot be a priority in your marriage, if He is not a priority in your life. He cannot be the center of your relationship, if your life isn’t reflecting that He exist in your heart.

Let me back up a bit. Before I met Jonathan, my life was complex. To say the least. My relationships with people were toxic. I had an idea in my head that I would be in a relationship where we would pray, seek God, go to church, kneel and cry together, but I couldn’t find it because my heart was far from God. He wasn’t who I was living for. Therefore, why am I asking God to be in the center of my relationship, when I personally don’t even have a personal relationship with him.

I’m not here to give marriage advice, because let’s be real I’ve only been married for 2 years and well I’m still learning myself. I’m here to put into words what “keeping God in the center of your marriage” looks like for the Davila’s. Is that okay?

I’ve seen weddings where the couple does the lighting of the candle, building the cross, tying of the rope, but Goon and I wanted to do sand. I’m a visual person so I wanted to really make this special for Goon and I. Side Note- Goon is Jonathan and Jonathan is Goon. I write like I talk so you may read both. I’m over backspacing. Lol. The sand thing is where there are 2 different color sands. One represented God and one color represented us. WE poured God in first, because we vowed to keep God first in our marriage. Then Goon poured sand in and then I poured sand in. We poured more of God and then more of us and we kept the process going until both bottles were empty. When I saw the layers that day it penetrated my heart. It allowed me to see that through all of the stages of our marriage God will always be and we would have to work to keep Him at the center of our marriage. That’s what we were called to do. God joined us together to further the kingdom and we can’t do that without God.

So what does keeping God in the center of our marriage look like in the Davila home?…Glad you asked.

  1. When we do not understand what each other is feeling …we turn to God. We ask God to help us understand. To show and reveal to us the other’s heart concerning the situation. We try to refrain from acting out of emotion and really stay focused on TRUTH. Truth is what reveals in the dark areas of our thinking.

2. We don’t do anything without asking God. We don’t do anything without praying. A lot of people can’t understand it, but its the way we choose to live our lives. The Bible says in all things acknowledge him and he will direct your path, so we do just that. I mentioned to someone that I would be praying about making a decision and I literally got laughed at. When you keep God in the center of your marriage, people will not understand and that’s okay. It’s really okay.

3. We disagree. We have moments where it would be better just to pop off at eachother. When God is at the center of your marriage, you learn to honor your spouse. You learn that a public altercation does not glorify God. Yelling at eachother is not edifying the kingdom, but rather opening a door for the enemy .

4. Last but not least, Jonathan and I realize that we are the all-stars of our team, and God is our coach. Our spiritual lives matter to us, and we want to set an example and be the example for our children, family and those around us. We are not perfect by any means, but we strive for excellence in all we do as a married couple. We focus every day on making sure God is glorified in all we do as a team. Our success brings God glory.

Keeping God in the center of your marriage is all ACTION. Words don’t tickle God’s ears. Actions move God. Jonathan and I, individually have a passion for God and live for Him so it ultimately shows up in our marriage. We honor God with our marriage and it’s all about the way we choose to live our lives. Some may not get it, some may say we are doing “too much,” but at the end of it all, we won’t stand before those people.

Our marriage isn’t really for us, it’s all for the kingdom. God knew who to team me up with to make this marathon an exciting one.

Sis, I’m praying for you. Always. Thank you for your support.


His Beloved

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