Let’s Share Our Story-It’s A Beautiful Life.

Where do I begin? He’s a little bit older to me, but he still looks so good to me. He’s the only person who can me make me smile without saying a word. It’s been so beautiful loving him throughout these past few years. I’ve watched our lives unfold into something money cannot buy. Nothing could prepare me for this journey, but here we are.

Sis, most of you know our story of how we met. I would like to go a little deeper and share with you a very tough part of our life that not many people know about. The period of time leading up to our wedding. Jonathan asked me to marry him and didn’t have a dollar to his name. He was fearful, because he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, but how could he support me? Let me share a little about Jonathan. He was a waiter for 6 years before I walked into the restaurant. Can you believe God had him there while he prepared me? After we started dating, he received his real estate license. He did that for a while and did well, but struggled in the end. He was then presented with another opportunity to own his own business and get licensed to sell insurance. He ran with it, because that’s Jonathan. He’s a go-getter. Anyways, he did so well at the beginning of his business. He was at the top of the company and was running meetings in Rosenberg. He then hit a brick wall and found himself back at zero.

Let me back up a bit…I wasn’t in the best situation myself. I had a degree, but couldn’t find a position so I tutored and was making slim to nothing. We were holding on to our faith at this point. We didn’t know know how God was going to pull us out of lack, but we believed He would do it. Jonathan worked at the restaurant and was searching for something more consistent.

Jonathan searched and searched.

We kept showing up. To church I mean. Don’t let your situation make you draw back from the very thing that you need most. We kept serving. We often hear when you’re about the Lord’s business. He is about yours.

While searching, the wedding had to get paid for. Can I be honest? I couldn’t even afford the little things. I was putting stuff on credit. Saying NO to so many things, because I just simply couldn’t accord it. Thank God for my father who so graciously gave to make the day happen. Also my in laws for helping out as well. Jonathan and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my brother and sister n law , pastors, my grandmother, aunt, and friends.

The story about the dress is I had $200. That’s it. You needed 60% of the price of the dress at the time of purchasing. Cool. I have $200. So I went to the boutique. By faith. I was sad the whole day. I felt so alone during this time. I felt like no one was seeing how much I was struggling. I tried on the dress. Found out it was a rack dress. It was on sale. I go to the counter and tell the lady, look I only have $200. Can I come back Friday with the rest? I know God will provide by Friday. She told me well ma’am you need 60% and we don’t ever do this for anyone. Let me talk to my manager. I waited. The lady came back and said, it’s a miracle. The manager saw your spirit and loved it. She wants to help you out. Man… you know how girls cry because the dress is perfect. I didn’t have that. I was crying because I didn’t know how I was going to afford this beautiful dress. I wanted the experience of “saying yes to the dress” but it ended up being a battle of emotion. Yet we got the victory.

The week of my wedding I didn’t have any money for my hair and make-up! Like what the heck! I wasn’t going to go ask my dad, because uh he pretty much paid for the wedding, plus he blessed me by paying off the dress. You know what I did? I held my car payment so I could pay for my hair and make-up. They worked it out with me and I made sure it was okay to miss one car payment. Hallelujah! Day by day, Jonathan and I cried more than we laughed. I felt bad for him and he felt bad for me. Sometimes we didn’t even know what we were going to eat. I thought how is this man going to take care of me? He can’t even take care of himself? How am I suppose to provide for my family when I can’t even afford hair and make-up? God, where are you? When is our turn around?

Don’t worry, God works it ALL out for our good.

Jonathan received a phone call from Chase Bank the week of the wedding. He was told he had the position and he would take his exams after the wedding! Which he passed and now is working as a Relationship Banker for Chase. Whoop Whoop! I received a call the week before the wedding saying the principal had a 3rd grade position open for me and it was mine if I wanted it. I balled my eyes out at her desk. She didn’t know this was the door I needed to open for my future. 

Sis, I say all of this to say, here we are. We received a message to collaborate with some great photographers at a beautiful venue and we were overjoyed. When we arrived at the venue, I told God, “Thank you.” Thank you for giving us the wedding my heart desired, but wasn’t able to afford. We aren’t in the same place we were when we got married, but I’m so thankful we got another go around. This experience was more to me than just a photo album. This photoshoot was God allowing me to embrace the beauty of the wedding without the stress. I sat in the make-up chair this time…not worried about a thing. 2 years ago, I sat so quiet in my make-up chair, because well you know the story. Sis, I didn’t have to pay a penny for this shoot and it’s only God.

God is in the turning situations around business. He’s in the restoration business. He’s in the restitution business. He was rooting for us 2 years ago and He is still rooting for us today. Be encouraged. God is moving.

God saw us 2 years ago struggling and said, “Hold on, Jonathan and Brittany. One day you’ll be staring into each others eyes thinking it all turned around for our good.”

P.S. I read this to Jonathan first and we cried. We laughed, because we were crying. And then we kept crying. He’s my heart. I wouldn’t want to write my story with anyone else.


His Beloved and his wife

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