Sis, I’m Glad You’re Here.

Hello! My name is Brittany Nicole Davila. I am 30 years young and I love the Lord. I gave my life to Christ at a young age, but life took ahold of me until the age of 23. My heart is to see God’s people  discover the Father’s heart. In searching for God, I found myself. I am loved by Jonathan Ray Davila. My husband of  a three years! He is thee greatest gift to my life. When I look into his eyes, I remember everything I let go and boy was it worth it! I have a wonderful family whom I love with every ounce of my heart. I was gifted a sweet baby boy, Jeremiah Ray Davila. My twin. He’s the sunshine on a cloudy day. The cry I hear in the shower. The hug I need always. He’s it. Love you baby boy. May my words always bring you comfort.

I am a teacher by profession and I truly love teaching. I adore seeing students grasp concepts and recognize their potential. They are the reason I show up, to be honest. They are such a blessing to my life and little do they know the impact they make in Mrs. Davila’s life.

My husband and I are leaders in our church and ministry is our hearts. We are fully surrendered to the will of God. We work diligently to see the kingdom of God prosper. Has it always been a smooth ride, no! But, there is nothing worth more than the presence of God. Nothing compares.

I love making people laugh and enjoy movies. I am a passionate person. I am passionate about people. I’ve learned to embrace my emotional side and sensitivity towards life. The enemy used this against me for years, and I’m thankful I’m breaking forth in freedom. I’ve fought for my life and I will go to war for yours. I pray everything you read from here on out will be uplifting and positive. Know that God is for you and so is my heart. You’re  a warrior and your purpose in life is more than just a plan. It’s destiny.  You see what the enemy planned for my downfall turned out the greatest victory of my life.


His Beloved